Safety policies

The Senior Management of Ingredients Solutions S.A. has established, for its activities: Production of ingredients (juice powder, cream powder, yogurt powder, honey powder, dulce de leche powder, cheese powder, fat powder), additives (sweetener, texturizing agent, thickeners, vitamin mixtures, preservatives, nutritional, enzyme mixtures, antioxidants, colorants, flavors, whipping agents, clouding agents, emulsifiers), flavors, liquid emulsions and powder (mixing and spray drying), for the food industry packaged in Bag of kraft paper, low-density polyethylene and high-density drums.

Consider the Quality and Safety of your PRODUCTs and technical support services as your greatest responsibility, being a priority commitment in your strategy.

Adopt a Food Safety Management System based on the requirements of the FSSC 22000 scheme, ensuring customer confidence, guaranteeing the safety of the PRODUCTs. Focusing on continuous improvement as a key element to achieve excellence, also facilitating the ability to react to changes in context and the creation of new opportunities.

Comply with relevant stakeholder requirements, food safety requirements, legal and regulatory requirements and any other requirements applicable to the PRODUCTs and/or activity.

Guarantee internal and external communication that concerns food safety, towards the entire food chain.

Promote the commitment and awareness of our staff through the constant improvement of their skills, to contribute to the effectiveness of the Safety management system.

Promote a culture of safety at all levels of the organization. Generating spaces for the exchange of ideas based on the improvement of the quality and safety system.

Senior Management undertakes to provide the necessary resources for the communication of this Policy, its implementation, its adaptation to the purpose and context of the organization, and its compliance.

Ingredients Solutions S.A. Management